This is the Position I Find Myself In

I have not been keeping up with my website because all I want to do is make art. I do not want to spend my time tinkering with things on my computer and calculating the amount of money I am spending trying to sell my art(but it is a necessary part of what I am working toward). I have been making art most of my life, but would not call myself an artist until less than a year ago. I never thought it was possible to get to be an artist, it was always something far-fetched and unsafe and could only be 'just for fun' while I toil away doing work I don't believe in. Yet, here I am trying my hardest to participate in social media and learning so much about myself and this crazy time we are living in so I can maybe be lucky enough to help support my family while doing something I feel like I was born to do.

I want to heal and grow with the flow of my creativity. One of the most appealing things about being an artist is that I don't have to put myself in a box someone else built. My art helps me understand my existence and bring about new realizations about myself, I share and hope to provide good things to others as well. I believe there is wisdom in the creatures and structures in nature that are shaped by the elements and I hope that my art can remind people of their true nature and protect our planet (by donating a portion of proceeds to the Nature Conservancy)

There is a point to this, but I want to show you where I'm coming from!

I have made so much art, but I am having problems finding who it is for and how to give people what they need. If you are reading this and you enjoy something I have made, I would like to find a way to get the original or a copy into your hands. I bought a nice printer and fancy art papers so I can make prints on demand! I can also make stickers and bookmarks and sell you my original art. My point is, I want to share my art with anyone who wants it so if you do please let me know. Because, for now, I am trying my best and just guessing what people might want. Feel free to e-mail me

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