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Updated: Jul 8, 2021

I've always been curious about life and existence. That curiosity led me to Buddhism, Yoga, Meditation, and Energy Work. Each of those have a special place in my heart, and I would not have had access to their treasures without the many beautiful teachers I have met. I will always be grateful to each of them. I was asked by Yoga Studies Institute to create some artwork and it has been a very unique challenge for me.

I began by rereading the Yoga Sutras by Master Patanjali. Although it is a book I have read too many times to count, I still find something new each time I read it. I tried painting something abstract for each page of the book, but realized after three pages I would not be able to complete that mission. So... I began brainstorming all the benefits that keeping a deep Yoga practice brought me years ago and then whittled it down to a manageable list of more subtle practices that I have found enrich my life.

Foxes have held a special significance for me in life and I find them interesting and very beautiful, so I chose them as my subject for this collection. I found some really inspiring photos taken by Eric Rausch on Instagram and have used them as reference photos in many of the paintings.

Below are three from the nearly finished collection. I will share more photos and detailed descriptions later...

I plan to offer prints of the full series once it is finished, so e-mail me if you are interested at

Left: Love Your Shadow The pieces of myself that I don't want to be aware of, I hide away in my 'shadow'. To do shadow work is to turn towards those parts that don't fit the stories I tell myself about who I am. In bringing awareness to my shadow with curiosity and compassion, I am able to own and digest the misunderstood truth of the 'me', that I really am, a little bit more.

Center: Find the Door

Right: Let Laughter

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