Interview With an Octopus

Made Up Magazine spotlight on Eirenne Estergard

O: What is it that fuels you?

EE: Food, art, and something ineffable 

O: Why is your name (sounds like 'Erin') spelled so weird?

EE: I just wanted to hear this question every time I meet anyone for my entire life, haha just kidding... My sweet grandmother is Greek and my parents wanted a name that would make her happy... it means peace.

O: Very well indeed, and you are an adult human, do you have another adult in your life or any offspring?

EE: Indubitably, I am married with one son and also a dog

O: Lovely, I would die as my babies hatched if I were not yarn and had babies... Anywayz, what is the deal with you and art?

EE: I began painting with my grandma when I was only three, she taught me how to crochet too! I have always thought of things that I wanted and not be able to find anything like it or couldn't afford things, so I would just make things. Looking back on my life, I've always has some creation going in the background since I was a kid. I just love making stuff!

O: Well, I'm glad you do because otherwise I wouldn't exist! hahaha. Anything else you'd like readers to know?

EE: I hope you were entertained by this silly 'interview'.